Passion, requirement, devotion, experience, generosity, energy, modernity and efficiency are the attributes that best describe the courses Frankie offers.

For years, he strives to put his professional and personal experience acquired all over the world for over 15 years, to serve his many customers, through private lessons. Eager to share the best of what he has acquired during his own training and his experiences at the top level in the world of music, his wish is to make the guitar accessible to the greatest number and share all his knowledge and to have all of you benefit from his amazing experience.

Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), whatever your goal (beginner level: introduction to the instrument, basic chords, developing a repertoire of songs ... Intermediate: release after a long period stagnation, building bases, deepening and mastery of techniques specific to the instrument (bends, vibrato, hammers pull-offs, etc ...), deepening of theoretical knowledge applied directly to the instrument, basic ranges most commonly used, concrete implementation on pieces ... Advanced and Pro: mastery and perfection of technique, mastery of rhythm, knowledge and mastery of scales, arpeggios, modes etc .. mastery of the theoretical knowledge required to play at a pro level, creativity, equipment (guitars, amps, effects ...), stress management, tips for the business etc ...). What interests Frankie foremost is that each client make significant and concrete progress and gets closer, course after course, to the goals he has set out when he first decided to reach out to Frankie. His courses encompass a diverse public, young motivated children, older wanting to fulfill a childhood dream, lovers of festive camp fires, amateur guitarists passionate about the instrument, and future pros.

Ages, styles, levels ... Everything is mixed perfectly and the utmost respect for each other in the comfortable and professional local located Inside the Rouen Studios, exclusively dedicated to the course.

Each experience is enriching, both for the student and for Frankie himself, and each course is a step closer to achieving your goals.

The classes are private lessons only. This allows Frankie to develop custom courses for each student and guarantee them, the best, the most effective, constant, concrete and measurable progress.

The best of modern education and experience is now at your doorstep in Montreal. The results are tested and guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to contact Frankie directly.